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While our birds are unclipped, we have set our household up expressly with our birds' safety in mind. They have their own room and are never left unattended to get into things. NEVER! They are kept in travel carriers when they're outdoors and travelling, and don't get taken out unless they're in an environment we've decided is safe for them. There is more information about wingclipping at the bottom of this page.

These pictures were taken a long time ago.
They were lost for a long time, hence the name "lost pictures".
This was the last of Baby's outside flying lessons.
This taught a lesson to the humans, too!

Baby Waving Picture
Hello, everyone! Nice tree, huh?
Baby Big Sky Picture
Look at that big open sky!!
About to Fly Picture
I'm scared but I'm going to flyyyyyy!!
Way Up There Picture
Baby was WAY up there! MaMa was very worried!
Baby Flew Away Picture
This was Baby's last flying lesson outside.
She flew into those trees and was scared to come down!
Thank goodness we got her back home!

Wing clipping is an important and controversial issue, so we feel it's important to provide more information about it. Ultimately it is the individual owner's decision to make. Here are some links for you to visit explaining the Pros & Cons of clipping, and some clipping methods:

Progressive Wingclip Method
by Eb Cravens at Feathers
A method of wingclipping which adjusts to each bird

Standardization of Wing Clipping for Psittacines


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