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These are pictures from the Texas State Fair,
Birds of the World Show
which is in affiliation with the
World Parrot Trust.

Hyacinth Macaw Picture1
This is "Indigrover", a Hyacinth Macaw.
It's the largest of the Macaws.

Hyacinth Macaw Picture3
Isn't this one of the most magnificent parrots you've ever seen??

Palm2 Best Picture
This is a "Palmer", a Palm Cockatoo.
It's such a beautiful parrot, isn't it?

Palm2 Picture
This one was only 6 months old.
We were surprised how cuddly it seemed.

Parrots Need Help
This is a great worth-while cause for parrot-lovers!
Please check out their site and
consider joining the cause so we can
continue to have these cherished
birds to share our world with!


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